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Wimbledon burglar caught on CCTV camera

A prolific cat burglar who targets the homes of some of Wimbledon’s richest residents has so far evaded capture. However, police are hopeful he will soon be caught thanks to a CCTV image of his face that was captured as he burgled a home – worth millions of pounds – in the South London area.

The burglar, who is known for carefully and meticulously taking apart burglar alarms, was caught out by an interior camera that captured his image as he burgled a home not far from the All England Wimbledon tennis club.

Police have released the burglar’s image in the hope he will be recognised by a member of the public. They also told press they want the burglar in connection with a massive 35 burglaries in the area. He is believed to spend a number of days planning his burglary.

His method involves cutting alarm and CCTV cables, allowing him to enter expensive homes without being detected or captured on camera – and he has been very successful up until now.

The Wimbledon cat burglar first struck in 2006 and is known for stealing cash and expensive jewellery from wealthy homes. Speaking about the cat burglar, DC Simon Callcott said:

“He can spend several days plotting a route into a house and cuts CCTV cables around the houses so he is not seen. He is very meticulous, very thorough and very tidy.”

Homeowners across the UK can bolster their security against this kind of burglar by using physical barriers such as home security shutters and window grills to hamper burglars’ points of entry, as well as having alarms and cameras in place.

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