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Son of Trevor Francis accused of cottage burglary

James Francis, the son of football legend Trevor Francis, is currently standing trial. He is accused of burgling a cottage that forms part of a mansion, worth £1.6 million and owned by a former Aston Villa footballer. The incident is alleged to have taken place back in 2011.

James Francis denies the charges, stating that his fingerprints were only found at the scene of the crime because he had left them there when he visited in a work capacity. He stands accused of stealing a number of souvenir football shirts and designer women’s shoes.

Standing at Warwick Crown Court, Francis told the jury that he had previously paid a visit to the property in order to compile a quote for cleaning the home.

The prosecution, however, alleges that Francis broke in to the cottage while he knew the owners were away on holiday in 2011, between July 18th and August 3rd.

The court was told that the accused’s fingerprints were found on the unoccupied cottage’s door and were also discovered on a piece of cardboard at the property.

James Francis says that there is a perfectly innocent reason for his fingerprints being in the property. His parents once lived in one of the cottages on the property, so he was aware he needed to inspect the interior when making a quote for cleaning services.

The trial continues but it shows just how important it is for large properties to install quality security measures, such as lockable security gates, security window bars, lattice gates and lockable roller garage doors if they are to be protected from burglary.

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Swansea police appeal for information after morning burglary

Police in Swansea are asking for information after a sizeable gold jewellery collection was taken in a morning burglary on Friday 26th April.

It is thought that a number of the pieces taken had origins abroad and, as well as being rare and expensive, had a significant sentimental value to the owner.

Among the pieces taken was a recognisable elephant pendant on a chain of gold and a matching set of earrings. There was also a gold heart pendant, a Greek charm bracelet and a butterfly pendant.

Police are encouraging anyone who may have information, particularly those in the St Helens area of the city where the incident happened, to get in contact. Officers are also asking those in the jewellery and gold trades to look out for the distinctive items.

Paul Howles, Detective Constable of Swansea Central CID, spoke about the incident:

“A substantial amount of jewellery was stolen, many of the items stolen were purchased abroad and will very almost impossible to replace. This burglary has happened in broad day light on a busy street, where there are a large amount [sic] of private dwellings.

“I am appealing to the neighbours or anyone else who was in the vicinity at the relevant time and saw any suspicious persons or vehicles to come forward.”

Police in the area have, in the past, encouraged homeowners to ensure their properties are secure. Many choose to do this with the help of equipment such as lockable security gates and roller garage doors

Fix your security worries with security gates in London

Crime is a constant threat, particularly when you live in a built up area.  Recent statistics show that crime in London has been decreasing but even so, crime preventation is still a major concern among homeowners and small businesses and you should never leave these things to chance.

Installing extra security measures is a great way to secure your property and may help to reduce your insurance premiums.  For example, locking security gates will provide an effective physical barrier to protect your assets and property and can be easily customised in terms of color and function. For this reason, they are an attractive proposition for home owners.

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