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Cheltenham residents told to tighten up home security

The recent warm weather has been a blessing to residents in Cheltenham, however, it has also been an opportunity for burglars in the area, who have been taking advantage of lax summer security by entering homes through unlocked doors and windows.

Three homes have been burgled in the recent warm spell, due to homes being left unsecured.  This has prompted Cheltenham Police to warn residents about tightening up their security.

On Thursday 6th June, one home was burgled in Margaret Road at 3.30am, with a gold ring and wallet being stolen from the property.   It is alleged that the burglar entered via the front door which had been left unlocked.

And on Wednesday 5th June at around 11.00 pm, another burglar broke into a property in Farm Close, stealing a leather handbag from the owner’s kitchen.

Also, a home in Hatherly was entered via the front door and keys and money were taken without the occupants being aware of the theft.

Police fear that more burglaries could take place while the weather is good. They have advised local residents to ensure their homes are secured by locking doors and ensuring that regular security measures are undertaken about and not “forgotten” in the good weather.

Simple security measures like ensuring roller garage doors are down and locked, installing lockable security bar gates and burglar alarms are  great ways to avoid thefts. Encouraging neighbours to look out for suspicious activity is also advisable.

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