roller shutter doors

roller shutter doors

Man arrested on suspicion of burglary in Norwich

Earlier this week, a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after an attempted ram-raid at the popular Royal Norwich golf club, in the Hellesdon area of Norwich. The man is said to have been released on police bail.

The 33-year old male was picked up by officers after an alarm was activated at the golf club on Drayton High Road, at around 3am in the morning. The police acted promptly and found a stolen Vauxhall Vectra on the scene. The stolen vehicle had been used in an attempt to gain entry to the golf club by ramming the metal shutters, which are attached to the work shed area of the club.

A suspicious man was spotted close to the scene and picked up by vigilant police, who took him to Aylsham police station for further questioning about the incident. The man was later released on bail until June 27th, in order to give police time to continue with their enquiries and look into the matter further.

The car, which had been stolen around one hour prior to the attempted ram-raid, was driven into a roller shutter of a shed used by the greenskeeper, in a suspected attempt to gain entry into the club. The shed houses a number of valuable pieces of equipment, including tractors and lawnmowers.

Thanks to the presence of roller shutter doors, a potential burglary was foiled, showing just how important it is for business premises to have good security measures in place.