2013 May

Burglaries on the rise in Northampton

Northampton has seen a large spike in the number of burglaries being carried out in the town recently. Local police have stated that they believe the increase in burglaries is partly due to the number of residents who are simply not locking their doors and windows.

Officers say that the town’s north and eastern parts are at the epicentre of the burglary spike, and this is because burglars have taken to targeting unsecured homes in the area which are much easier to get into and out of without being noticed.

In just one week, three houses in Boughton, Lumbertubs and Thorplands were broken into and the burglars had, in all three cases, entered through an unsecured window or door.

Colin Irving, a North East Police Inspector, said:

“The warmer weather seems to encourage people to leave their properties insecure, which often results in an increase in burglaries at this time of the year. We ask people to make sure keys and valuable items are not left on display or in easy reach of cat flaps, letter boxes and downstairs doors and windows, and that they lock windows and doors even when leaving their home unattended for a short time.”

He added that people are able to make life much harder for prospective burglars and significantly reduce their risk being burgled – all by taking a few easy precautions.

Ensuring doors and windows are secured, and installing features such as bar gates and window bars can dramatically reduce the chances of a property being burgled.




Advice from Brown Security Installations on security bars for windows

If you are thinking of having window security bars installed, there are some basic things you should consider.

There are three types of window bar available - fixed, hinged, and removable.  Your decision on which option to choose will depend on why you need them, where they