2013 March

Robbery in North Yorkshire drives homeowners to rethink their existing security measures

Police in North Yorkshire are appealing for information after burglars allegedly struck a property in Middleham last week. The incident reportedly took place on the evening of last Wednesday (March 13), at some point between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm. During the raid, thieves are reported to have taken a collection of valuable gold jewellery items and police are looking for anyone who may have information about its whereabouts. It is thought that the culprits may look to sell the distinctive pieces to people in the area and residents have been asked to keep an eye out. One of the items to have disappeared was a charm bracelet with eight charms attached to it. Four of these have been personalised with the names and birthdays of the homeowner’s children. As well as the charm bracelet, other items to have vanished include a diamond ring, a sapphire ring, a heart-shaped ring, a pearl and turquoise ring and a pair of wedding rings. Speaking of the aftermath, Northallerton CID’s DC James Toper said: “Burglary is a distressing crime, particularly when sentimental and personal items are stolen. The charm bracelet is quite unique being personalised with the names of people close to the owner. I urge anyone who is offered these items for sale to contact the police without delay.” With many of the small town’s residents seeing the incident as a warning to improve their home security measures, features like roller shutters and bar gates are expected to rise in popularity. Anyone who may be able to help is being asked to contact North Yorkshire police.

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Gucci’s flagship store has fallen victim to ram-raid robbers.

Around 50 designer handbags, some worth up to £40,000, were taken in the audacious raid late on Wednesday evening.

A Mercedes – thought to be stolen – smashed through the doors of Gucci’s Knightsbridge store at around 21.50 PM and four men in balaclavas helped themselves to some of the store’s priciest and most coveted stock before making their getaway in a blue Audi A4.

Although there were security guards in the store at the time, nobody was hurt.

According to the BBC, Gucci is now reviewing its security and there are calls for greater protection from the Metropolitan Police. London’s luxury boutiques have been increasingly targeted by this kind of crime in recent years.

A police investigation is ongoing.

Shop owners can prevent burglary and ram raids with the installation of roller shutters, window bars and anti ram raid security posts.  Brown Security Installations has extensive experience of providing shop security in London – particularly the West End – Essex and the South East.  Please contact us for a free of charge – no obligation – quotation.





Home security advice issued in the Cotswolds

Homeowners in the Cotswolds have been receiving advice fromthe Police on how to avoid falling victim to thieves.

The District Safer and Stronger Community Partnership and the local police force have been reminding residents that basic measures can be taken to prevent businesses and homes being burgled.  This has been driven by a recent report that shows that out of all the local burglaries in 2012, 16% were down to a lack of security.

Gloucestershire Constabulary’s crime reduction officer, PC Mark Godsland, urged property owners to consider taking some basic precautions.

“Home and business owners should ensure their premises are kept secure when unoccupied. All valuable items and items of great sentimental value, should be property marked with a Forensic Property Marking system to make them easily identifiable in the event of them being stolen.

Business owners should reflect upon the existing security measures they have in place at their premises and consider installing additional physical security measures such as locks, security glazing, intruder and fire alarms, security lighting and CCTV.”

PC Godsland went on to explain that these simple techniques could also help the prevention of thefts from vehicles and garden sheds, saying that sheds, in particular, were vulnerable to such crime.

As well as acting on the suggestions made by Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cotswold residents could also look at additional security measures such as the installatoin of roller shutters for shop fronts, bar gates to ensure that alley ways between terraced houses are secure and decorative window bars.

We at Brown Security Installaitons recently installed a roller shutter in a brick shed in Abridge.  This was to provide extra security for a local resident who keeps mountain bikes in there.





Preventing burglary with roller shutters supplied by Brown Security Installations

Owners of a family owned pet shop in Ilkeston are reeling after a recent burglary which saw thousands of pounds worth of stock taken.

The thieves forced their way into the shop and warehouse belinging to Chambers Pet Supplies.  They took a number of items including tills, laptops, healthcare and grooming products, pet food, accessories and expensive reptile and aquatic equipment.  Sadly, the theives also took items from the staff room fridge Gavin Chambers said:

“It’s heartbreaking when you have a family business and you’re really trying. It’s not as if we’re a big corporate that can absorb something like this. We thought it was like Fort Knox but obviously not! They had a field day. It’s unbelievable.”

Police in the area have advised residents to tighten up their home security efforts.  This can easily be achieved with the installation of residential roller shutters, bar gates, window bars and roller garage doors.





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