2012 December

Rising burglary in Sutton prompts Police to urge residents to protect their homes

Police are urging residents in the borough of Sutton to protect their homes and remain vigilant following a rise in burglary.  Between 17th and 24th December there were 28 residential burglaries across the borough and this surge has seen residential burglary rise by 28.1% from April to 24th December 2012 vs the same period of the previous year.

The favourite items stolen include jewellery, watches, TVs, laptops, ipads, games consoles, cash and foreign currency.   One burglary saw a black BMW convertible stolen after the vehicle’s keys had been left laying around in the property.

Detective Inspector Jim Bennett of Sutton CID said “officers are doing everything they can to catch those people responsible”.

Additionally, local Safer Neighbourhoods Teams have been distributing hundreds of crime prevention leaflets to encourage residents to take steps to protect their property.

Police advice includes:

  • Lock your front and rear doors and windows when you leave
  • Fit proper locks on doors and windows
  • Use your key to lock your multi-point UPVC door otherwise it won’t be locked
  • Leave your front door and vehicle keys in a secure place out of sight of your front door to prevent a potential burglar ‘fishing’ for the key through the letterbox
  • Remove back door, patio and conservatory keys from locks and place them out of sight
  • Install timers to switch on lights and radios while you are out
  • Lock garden tools away to stop them being used to force open doors and windows

Detective Inspector Bennett said many burglaries had been committed by criminals smashing back doors and gaining entry using keys left in locks.

Brown Security Installations would recommend protecting your back door with a lockable bar gate, which will provide an extra level of security.  Additionally, decorative window bars are an excellent deterrent

The advantages of using roller shutters

Roller Shutters make great additions to your residential or commercial property.  The benefits are numerous, such as protection, privacy, and for residential properties, increased home value.

What are roller shutters? - They are a mechanism mounted into a door, windor or opening, that rolls down to cover the entrance for protection.  They are usually made of steel, metal, and aluminium.  They come in various sizes and styles, each able to complement any home,  shop or building design and are available in manual or or electric operations using a remote control.

What are the benefits of considering roller shutters?

Maximum Security – The greatest benefit you can get from roller shutters is maximum security.  These devices require a lot of effort to open and burglars will have a tough time breaking into your home or workplace. They will need high-powered tools if they want to get through this durable and strong barrier. Most intruders who see a home or workplace with security shutters tend to give up easily.

Good Insulators – Especially for the home, roller shutters can be used as good heat insulators. They stop heat from entering or leaving your property. During hot summer days, a legitimate shutter can block off 90% of heat from entering your doors and windows. In addition, they are also useful during the winter. They also have the ability to block 70% of the cold.

Good Noise Regulators – Noise pollution can be bad for your home. If you live in a busy city or a noisy environment, they can block up to 50%of the noise around you.  This will give you more convenience and peace every time you want to sleep or relax.  Not only does it prevent noise from coming into your home but also vice versa. If you are having a house party with loud music or practicing with your band in the garage, roller shutters prevent noise from coming out of your home.  This will stop annoying your neighbours and give them some peace and quiet for themselves!

Protection against Bad Weather – The elements of nature can damage your home in an instant.  A strong storm can send debris flying about that can hit and break your windows.

Adapted from Stephanie Brown, www.ezinearticles.com

There are many companies in the UK offering roller shutters and they can help you with surveying the area in question and providing quottions. measurements, colour ranges and styles.  Please contact Brown Security Installations on info@brownsecurityinstallations.co.uk or 07947 465724 for a free of charge – no obligation – quotation and advice

Sledgehammer burglary at Bucks Goldsmiths jewellers in Gerrards Cross

A jewellers shop in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire was burgled by men weilding sledgehammers yesterday and Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses.

At approximately 11.45am, a new looking grey or silver BMW estate pulled up outside the jewellers in Packhorse Road.  Two men got out of the car and used sledgehammers to smash the display window, grabbing a quantity of diamond jewellery before driving off towards the A40. A third man was driving the car.

Detective Seargeant Nick Hind, based at Force CID in Amersham, is appealing for witnesses to the incident, or anyone who saw the vehicle either before or after the incident, to come forward.

If you can help, please call Detective Seargeant Hind via the 24-hour Police Enquiry Centre on 101 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers ananymously on 0800 555 111 or online at http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org.

Jewellery shops are unfortunately frequent targets for theives and Brown Security Installations has extensive experience in making this type of premises secure.  For instance, in addition to the standard roller shutters, mesh grille is an excellent addition to protect glass http://www.brownsecurityinstallations.co.uk/products/Mesh_Grilles/


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